While I only got access to an Internet connexion in 2006, I quickly learned, by myself, the basics of Web development and graphic design.

I then built my knowledge with three years in a computing course in a French university, as well as with two years as an employee in an IT company.


As a freelance developer, I specialized myself in data processing. I solve your problems with content. With several years of experience with social networks and their APIs, I will give you my expertise on how to make the most value out of the data we can find online.


Working as a freelancer, I can make a living with my passion. What got me here is certainly my curiosity and the desire to leave something of my own on the Internet.

I also developed a passion for electronics in the Internet of things. I had several occasions to experiment electronics, both in school and by myself.


I find inspiration in many things: I listen to podcast, read blog posts and books ... I'm always on the lookout for learning new skills, and always want to get beyond my limits.

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florian fries